What if knowledge about our environment came from diverse data streams, and was easily accessible, digestible, and available to everyone?

We believe better management practices and collaborative governance structures could make it so.

While environmental and scientific data proliferates, ensuring that it is usable within a social, cultural and political context, has declined.

Through pilots, workshops, research, and narrative building, the Open Environmental Data Project articulates ways to see a different future for the role of scientific and environmental data in building collaborative and participatory systems for environmental management and protection.

With trust in governance and science at an all-time low, the Open Environmental Data Project is engaged in creating improved processes within current workflows, while also designing to envision an environmental future that is generative -- communities are healthier, natural systems are robust, and both the right and responsibility of collectively ensuring integrity in our environmental decisions is recognized.

The Open Environmental Data Project is forging an innovation space for envisioning and testing how we better use scientific and environmental data and information, and its narratives. We build these bridges through four core activities:

Pilots: We partner and collaborate with institutes, nonprofits, individuals and universities to help articulate best practices for new data commons models in the environmental context.

Workshops: We partner and collaborate with government, nonprofits, universities and institutes to host events that will serve as a model for catalyzing cross-sector solution-finding.

Research: We provide insight that identifies, evaluates and summarizes scientific, legal, economic and cultural incentive and strategy levers for advancing environmental generative actions.

Narrative Building: We create multimedia short-form and long-form narratives allowing others to imagine a strengthened role for scientific and environmental data and information in creating a generative world.

To learn more about current projects and bodies of work, please visit our initiatives page.


Shannon Dosemagen
Director + Shuttleworth Fellow
Shannon is a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow and Director of the Open Environmental Data Project.
Angela Eaton
Director of Data Inclusion
Angela is an open data and environmental equity champion, supporting communities in environmental monitoring efforts and working on sustainable systems design.
Katie Hoeberling
Director of Policy Initiatives
Dedicated to open and cooperative approaches to science, policy, and organizing, Katie works to empower communities to cultivate stronger connections to land and each other.
Michelle Cheripka
Communications & Content Manager
An interdisciplinary media maker passionate about communicating the climate crisis in compelling ways.
Emelia Williams
Policy and Research Associate
Emelia is the Policy and Research Associate with the Open Environmental Data Project.
Lorelei Kelly
Partner, Civic Voice Governance
Lorelei is an expert on building inclusive and informed democratic systems and is a based at the Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation at Georgetown University as a Fellow.
Karen Andrade
Board Member
An interdisciplinary environmental health scientist by training, Karen Andrade has expertise in community-based participatory research and a robust track record of engaging diverse communities in science.
Karien Bezuidenhout
Board Member
As a Director of the Shuttleworth Foundation, Karien partners with individuals who employ openness as a tool to advance equity and social justice.
Sam Dyson
Board Member
Sam Dyson is an educator and physicist committed to better sharing the power, benefits, and wonder of science with all people.
Edgar Vazquez
Edgar was the Civic Voice intern with the Open Environmental Data Project from 2020-21.
Jett Zhang
Alum, Climate Governance Research Fellow
Jett is a Harvard University "Fellow at the Forefront" with OEDP during Summer 2021.
Elizabeth Tyson
Elizabeth co-led strategy and prototype design with OEDP from 2020-21.

our story

The methods to collect and store environmental and scientific data and information have never been greater. However, the access, usability and usefulness of data require dedicated attention in order to create an environmental governance landscape where the value of community input is recognized and weighted equally. Conceptualized in 2019, the Open Environmental Data Project aims to address this critical point in the lifecycle of environmental governance and decision making. In 2020, with support from the Shuttleworth Foundation, the Project launched with a focus on building stronger environmental management and governance practices within existing systems and envisioning different futures for environmental governance in practice.