Values and Principles


We believe in openness in practice as a way to create accountability, collaboration, and direct access. 

We pursue opportunities based on their greatest impact for change, moving into overlooked and under-addressed spaces first and foremost. Our practices aim to create as much use as possible to people working at the cross-sections of these issues, whether it be in community, government, science, or other sectors of climate and environmental action.

We uphold that every technical solution requires social, cultural and political consideration. We do not think about data and technology in isolation, but rather approach them as complex systems that should allow space for interrogation and adaptation.

We actively collaborate towards a just future built on cooperation and self-determination. We believe that data as part of identity and personal experience holds power – for people, as well as the science, environments, and knowledge systems they interact with.

We value flexibility and accountability as we engage in practices, actions, and processes that are self-reflective, cyclical, and dynamic. We do this in order to protect our cultures, health, environments, and increase our agency. To honor the interdependence required to sustain this approach, we value rest, repair, and re-centering.


Create Spaces that Bridge.
We are partners with each other and our network. We face the same opportunities standing together instead of across from each other.

Scale Simple Solutions.
We work to simplify convoluted processes and systems so they can work more efficiently and at scale. We add dimension to sound bites and the overly-generalized thinking that make solutions polemical and supportive of exclusive and oppressive structures.

Find the Unfamiliar, Listen and Learn.
We see new encounters, with people, ideas, experiences, contexts and/or content, as an opportunity to learn and grow, especially if they challenge our beliefs and understandings. We believe that lasting positive change comes from creating spaces of abundance that cultivate our ability to take meaningful risks. 

Dive Deep to Thrive. 
Our understandings are rooted in particular problems and it is our observations from these experiences that make us unique. Taking time to reflect and process is vital to our work.

Find a Way to Yes.
We encourage analysis in ways that move conversations and situations forward; while we see value in offering critiques that interrogate problematic structures or dynamics, we also challenge ourselves to take the extra step towards creating solutions with material impacts. 

These Values & Principles inform the Code of Conduct for all virtual gatherings (co-)hosted by OEDP. You can read the Code of Conduct here.