What We're Reading**
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What We’re Reading is a slate of the current pieces that inform and provide insight into our work and the environmental data landscape, updated monthly and curated by the team.

August 2021

Climate Crisis

Read: COVID’s lesson for climate research: go local
Alice C. Hill, Nature

Read: An Indigenous firefighter explains how to better manage wildfires
Benji Jones, Vox

Data Governance

Read: City Data Commons against City Greenwashing
Renata Avila and Guy Weress, Branch Magazine

Community Science

Read: Environmental data collection by citizens is a right
Anna Berti Suman, Dutch Research Council

Watch: My Octopus Teacher
Craig Foster, Netflix

Civic Voice

Read: Zoom Does Not Reduce Unequal Participation: Evidence from Public Meeting Minutes
Katherine Levine Einstein, David Glick, Luisa Godienz Puig, Maxwell Palmer, Boston University