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What We’re Reading is a slate of the current pieces that inform and provide insight into our work and the environmental data landscape, updated monthly and curated by the team.

May 2022

Climate Crisis

Listen: Hot Take Podcast

Mary Annaïse Heglar and Amy Westervelt, Crooked Media

Environmental Justice

Read: DOJ announces new office focused on environmental justice

Rachel Frazin, The Hill

Data Governance

Listen: Pandemic Tracking and the Future of Data

Delaney Hall, 99% Invisible

Open Source

Read: Opening Up to Science

Chelle Gentemann, Christopher Erdmann & Caitlin Kroeger, Issues in Science & Technology

Civic Voice

Listen: In Wisconsin, small towns want more regulations for big farms

Diana Kruzman, Grist

Land Health

Read: There are millions of acres of 'failing' rangelands, data shows

Kylie Mohr, High Country News

April 2022

Climate Crisis

Read: The world's most ambitious climate goes is essentially out of reach

Shannon Osaka, Grist

Environmental Justice

Read: In a Michigan City, Environmental Justice Gets a Critical Test

Farah Kader, Undark

Data Governance

Read: A Value-Driven Approach to Building Data Infrastructures: The Example of the Midwest Collaborative

Jessica Cunningham, et. al., HDSR

Open Source

Read: "Shared Data," a short story from an alternate future

Malka Older, Popular Science

Civic Voice

Listen: David Hsu on the grassroots policy that lets communities control own energy supply

David Roberts, Volts Podcast


Read: Internal Report Describes 'Incredibly Toxic Work Environment' in New Chemicals Division

Sharon Lerner, The Intercept

March 2022

Climate Crisis

Read: Climate change causing widespread and irreversible impacts, says IPCC

Adam Vaughn, NewScientist

Environmental Justice

Read: A new environmental justice tool disregards race. We put it back in.

Naveena Sadasivam and Clayton Aldern, Grist

Data Governance

Read: Promoting collaboration at the national and local level to strengthen data governance

Flor Serale and Mercedes de los Santos, Open Data Charter

Digital Rights

Read: We Don’t Have the Right: A Decolonized Approach to Innovation

Shayna Robinson, Branch Magazine

Civic Voice

Listen: Damages podcast

Amy Westervelt, Critical Frequency

February 2022

Climate Crisis

Read: Best Practices in Local Climate Action Planning: Recent Developments in Local Climate Action Plans

Cynthia Harris, Environmental Law Institute

Environmental Justice

Read: A Landmark Environmental Precedent Was Just Set in Virginia

Crystal “Red Bear” Cavalier Keck, The Nation

Data Governance

Read: Open up guide: Using data to advance climate action

Open Data Charter and World Resources Institute

Digital Rights

Read: (dis)Info Studies: André Brock, Jr. on Why People Do What They Do on the Internet

Logic Mag

Civic Voice

Listen: Democrats Chase Shiny Objects

The Ezra Klein Show

Read: House of Representatives to launch new digital service team

John Hewitt Jones, FedScoop

Open Source

Read: Climate action in the open

Katya Abazajian, Civic Source

January 2022

Climate Crisis

Read: Chile Writes a New Constitution, Confronting Climate Change Head On

Somini Sengupta, New York Times

Read: Decentralising Digital: Artefacts from Hopeful Futures

Decentralising Digital, Branch

Environmental Justice

Read: ‘Cultural resources are not a renewable thing for us.’

Sarah Sax, High Country News

Civic Voice

Read: Texans have an opening to envision an environmental agency that works for everyone

Michael Coleman, One Breath Partnership

Read: A Community Shapes Environmental Justice Legislation

Lorelei Kelly, Beeck Center

Open Source

Read: What Sci-Hub’s latest court battle means for research

Holly Else, Nature

December 2021

Climate Crisis

Read: The ‘last mile’ for climate data supporting local adaptation

Louis Celliers, Maria Manez Costa, David Samuel Williams and Sergio Rosendo, Global Sustainability

Environmental Justice

Read: ‘Cancer has decimated our community.’ EPA’s Regan vows to help hard-hit areas, but residents have doubts.

Darryl Fears, The Washington Post

Data Governance

Listen: Indigenous Climate Knowledges and Data Sovereignty

James Rattling Leaf, Sr. and Krystal Tsosie, Jacquelyn Gill, Ramesh Laungani, Warm Regards Podcast

Civic Voice

Read: Methods and Leading Practices for Advancing Equity and Support for Underserved Communities through Government


Open Source

Read: Next Wave Openness

Michael Weinberg, personal blog

November 2021

Climate Crisis

Read: Localized Data: The Pathway to Climate Change Solutions

Olasimbo Sojinrin, Danielle Getsinger, Bruno Sánchez-Andrade Nuño; Data.org

Read: COP26: New financing mechanism to plug gaps in climate data, bolster response

Down to Earth

Data Governance

Read: Emerging models of data governance in the age of datafication

Marina Micheli, Marisa Ponti, Max Craglia, Anna Berti Suman; Big Data & Society

Read: Getting started with data governance

Anouk Ruhaak, Mozilla

Environmental Justice

Read: A California law gave the people power to cut pollution. Why isn’t it working?

Naveena Sadasivam, Grist

Read: Poison in the Air

Lylla Younes, Ava Kofman, Al Shaw, Lisa Song, Maya Miller; ProPublica

Civic Voice

Read: Let Us See It

Gregg Mitman, Slate

October 2021

Climate Crisis

Read: Environmental Data is Critical to Fighting the Climate Crisis: Data Stewardship Can Put It In the Right Hands

Amrita Nanda, Suha Mohamed, The Bastion

Data Governance

Read: The Data is Ours!

Ben Tarnoff, Logic

Community Science

Read: Intersections between Open Science Hardware (OSH) and Citizen Science: Reflections Following CitSciVirtual 2021

Anne Bowser, Shannon Dosemagen and Alexandra Novak, Wilson Center

Civic Voice

Read: The Key to Stronger Local Democracy: Equitable Engagement

Mark Funkhouser and Steven Bosacker, Route Fifty

August 2021

Climate Crisis

Read: COVID’s lesson for climate research: go local
Alice C. Hill, Nature

Read: An Indigenous firefighter explains how to better manage wildfires
Benji Jones, Vox

Data Governance

Read: City Data Commons against City Greenwashing
Renata Avila and Guy Weress, Branch Magazine

Community Science

Read: Environmental data collection by citizens is a right
Anna Berti Suman, Dutch Research Council

Watch: My Octopus Teacher
Craig Foster, Netflix

Civic Voice

Read: Zoom Does Not Reduce Unequal Participation: Evidence from Public Meeting Minutes
Katherine Levine Einstein, David Glick, Luisa Godienz Puig, Maxwell Palmer, Boston University