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January 26, 2021
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When: Monday, February 1st 11am - 12pm PST/2pm - 3pm EST

What: Sparking dialogue on the vision for a Civic Voice Archive

A strong democracy hinges on a complex set of checks and balances, a system built to adapt and evolve. For this reason, it is simultaneously fragile and resilient. The insurrection on the Capitol on January 6th 2021 is a grim reminder that we are living through a fragile moment, a result of decades worth of neglect.

Despite the sobering national circumstance, pathways forward are already illuminated.  With the pandemic as backdrop, new digital possibilities have arrived that allow us to strengthen the bedrock institutions that uphold the Rule of Law and underpin our democracy.

This pivotal moment has prompted us to host a twitter chat to introduce our vision for a Civic Voice Archive and energize actors who are working at the front lines of rebuilding trust and legitimacy in government via digital and processional modernization methods.

As the hosts of this event (OEDP) we are particularly interested in capturing contextual information on climate change adaptation and the multiplying effects of air pollution on COVID19 as a way to both expand the notion of expertise to include lived experience and also to strengthen evidence based decision making and auditing in the lawmaking process.

Through this chat we hope to connect and support a community of people who are imagining, investing in and implementing ways to improve the information environment for the American public and jump start an ecosystem designed to strengthen our democratic muscles and build modern resilience.


  • Lorelei Kelly, Civic Voice Governance @loreleikelly
  • Natalie Ward, Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation @Natalie_xWard

How to tune in:

Follow along @OpenEnviroData

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