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Design Brief: Environmental Data as a Public Good
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November 29, 2022
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Read the full Design Brief here.

What do future environmental data ecosystems look like to you? What looks differently in those ecosystems and who is involved? What tools can we build and what values propel their design?

A critical aspect of creating real change in the environmental data space is re-imagining how to get there and imagining what it might look like when we do. The prototypes in this Design Brief do just that – offering ideas and schemas to take and adapt in different contexts and with different populations. 

During Summer 2022, OEDP hosted a Design Trust, a brainstorming session bringing together designers and design-adjacent folks. Together, we explored avenues for expanding opportunities about environmental data as a public good and environmental data’s role in local government planning. We examined “How might we?” questions in relation to the insights delineated in our opportunity briefs, explored ideas stemming from those questions, and imagined how those ideas could be applied in practice. From those ideas, the designers participated in a Future Headlines exercise, where they each came up with a headline related to environmental data’s potential applications in five to ten years.

The prototypes featured in this brief are from a subset of designers who wanted to expand on an idea sparked in the Design Trust, and cover the gamut of environmental data topics, all with a goal of fostering environmental data as a public good. Our designers come from varied backgrounds, with experience in community-building, creative technology, local government, policy, and the environmental sciences, and the prototypes created reflect those expertise. We encourage you to engage with the prototypes as you see fit: reading and learning about the designs, reaching out to the designers with questions or avenues for expansion, and adapting ideas for use in your contextual sector or place.