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July 27, 2022
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The way we collect environmental data is changing as new tools and approaches promise to broaden how people interact with it. In particular, innovation in low-cost and open science hardware tools is bringing more people to collect more—and different—data, and more importantly, use environmental data for their own purposes and on their own terms. For example, recent advances in the development of low-cost sensors, increased capability to analyze and visualize those data, and better communication infrastructure has led to a “changing paradigm” in air pollution monitoring, according to a recent analysis in Environmental Science and Technology. 

To support this momentum, OEDP partners with organizations to develop strategy towards developing the role of open science hardware (OScH) in environmental monitoring, and in the broader research and innovation landscape. We do this through hosting workshops and roundtables, drafting policy briefs, and participating in events and communities engaged in scientific tool development and/or environmental monitoring in practice.

During a Spring 2022 roundtable, OEDP partnered with the Wilson Center’s Science and Technology Innovation Program to address these questions and related issues. In these conversations, we explored current trends and issues related to low-cost tools, open hardware, and open data in environmental monitoring.

In September 2022, we released a series of blogs from Roundtable Participants.

In Spring 2023, we will release a policy brief on our findings.