Data Dialogues: Season 1 Overview
An overview of the podcast Environmental Data Dialogues.
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A full Data Dialogue consists of three episodes: two guests each have their own 15 - 20 minute 1:1 “highlight segments” with Angela Eaton, OEDP's Director of Data Inclusion, followed by a shared  30 - 40 minute group conversation between Angela and both guests. We want each segment to stand on its own and work with the other two. Listeners can experience the dialogues as a series of easily digestible talks from a single person on a single topic. The group conversation can be a source of shared insights where two people connect and find ways to use environmental data. 

At its heart, Data Dialogues is a series of conversations with three main goals: create community, socialize positive ideas for using open environmental data, and elevate community voices. We want you to become part of these conversations. We’d like you to become part of these conversations and hope they’ll prompt your own discussions on working with one another, with us, to increase productive participation and more representative decision making.Data Dialogues cover a lot of territory. Here are some places we’re interested in going:

  • Information design, data accessibility, inclusivity, and public availability
  • Shared best practices, discoveries, and experiences
  • Data use and ethics
  • Data stewardship and management
  • Data in local and cultural context and recognizing traditional data keepers 
  • Community data interactions with government data sets

Join Us!

We would love for you to join us in a dialogue and share your expertise so we can, together, create a library of resources to both support your use of environmental data and share that knowledge with regulatory agencies, NGOs, and community members doing monitoring work. To submit your dialogue idea or your interest in participating in a Data Dialogues please contact us using the subject line “Interested in Data Dialogues.”

Additional Resources

Data Dialogues discussions will become part of an OEDP Data Solutions Library, a repository of searchable ideas we can put into action. 

For more background on Data Dialogues see OEDP’s 120-day memo about the transformative potential for community partners and all levels of government to create better communication channels around environmental data. 

You can also read a reflection on the first season, written by Angela Eaton, OEDP's Director of Data Inclusion and host of Data Dialogues.