The Power of Open
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"The Power of Open" focuses on open science and open data principles in various international contexts.

Map of the Future (Shayna Robinson) combines satellite imagery and art to reflect on how to imbue open data and principles with trust and future visioning.

Wikipedians Reimagine Open Climate in the African Context (Maxwell Beganim, Otuo-Akyampong Boakye, Euphemia Uwandu) offers three stories from the African community on major contributions to Wikipedia and its sister projects.

Critical Openness and Digital Sustainability (Emilio Velis) is a journey in trying to spread knowledge about digital sustainability and environmental consequences in the El Salvadorean digital gig economy.

African Traditional Knowledge and Open Science for Climate Mitigation (Thomas Mboa, Ahou Rachel Koumi) combines digital technologies, Beti traditional ecological knowledge, and open principles to drive cognitive justice.

Sentinels (Anna Berti Suman) offers a look into several individuals' fight for environmental information about oil extraction in Southern Italy.