Tech's Environmental Impact
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"Tech's Environmental Impact" leverages the solarpunk genre and aesethetic to envision sustainable futures.

Apple just launched its first self-repair program. Other tech companies are about to follow. (Maddie Stone, Grist) is a look into how Big Tech is finally making device repair easier.

Environmental Impact Assessment of Open Technology (Allie Novak, Shannon Dosemagen) looks into the relationship between the seemingly sustainable tools we use and their role in further exacerbating human exploitation and local environmental loss.

Boavizta Project: Assessing the Environmental Impact of Digital Technology with Open Data, Methods and Software (Eric Fourboul, David Ekchajzer) examines the limited effectiveness of current environmental impact assessments that focus on individualization.

The Fermi Problem of Climate Change (Anna Knörr) uses existing data on carbon emissions to examine how to get a quantitative grip on climate problems.