Alternative Computing Environments
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"Alternative Computing Environments" provides real-world examples for computing environments that strive for equity and environmental justice.

Computing from the South / Computação do Sul (TC Silva, LF Murillo, Vince Tozzi, Francisco Caminati, Alice Bonafé, Junior Paixão, Mariana Rocha Arduini , Djakson Filho, Layla Xavier) describes an event for people to share forms of integrated computing as an extension of lives, territories, and memories for decision-making about the future.

Learning from COWs: Community Owned Wifi-Mesh (TB Dinesh, Shafali Jain, Sanketh Kumar, Micah Alex) reflects on practices of facilitating spaces with communities to arrive at principles that can support open climate networks.

Smarter, Greener Cities through Community, Open Data and Systems Thinking (Sruti Modekurty) reframes the tech-utopia vision of smart cities to be inclusive of accessible information and community knowledge.