Contribute to the Anatomy of Environmental Decision Making series

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Contribute to the Anatomy of Environmental Decision Making series
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The Open Environmental Data Project welcomes authors from around the world to compose a non-technical 1,000 - 1,500 word blog post on the “anatomy of environmental decision-making” within the context of their organization and their environmental specialty (air, water, biodiversity, soil, health). We would like the author to explore and answer the following questions:

  • How does data and information flow between, and outside, local, state and national actors that make decisions about the environment?
  • Is there room for data from communities (citizen science, community science, volunteer mapping) and open source/low-cost sensors in that information pipeline? If not why?

The goal of this series is to generate a collection of contextual profiles on how decisions about environmental issues are made and what legal standards, policy frameworks or other systemic influences inform these decisions. Ideally, this series will provide context for people to understand the issues that impact how design, data, science, and open/low-cost tools are used for environmental decision-making.

Please email with your idea.