The Resources Library

The Resources Library is both a repository of static information on environmental data and the policy landscape, as well as an interactive place that communities and researchers can connect and share resources across networks. The library gathers together items such as training modules, advocacy and funding tools, policy templates, data sharing agreements, and curriculum builders in order to a) support two-way discussions with government on how to pilot new environmental solutions, b) create shared tools and resources that can advocate for locally ongoing use of community data and c) encourage integration of open science guidelines into participatory socio-environmental research.

The Resources Library sits at the intersection of our work on data stewardship and building environmental data commons through projects such as Community Data Hubs and SEEKCommons. Please visit the Community Data Hubs page for more information about how we’re envisioning the co-creation of this library; please visit the SEEKCommons page for more information about practical applications of the build out.

The Resources Library emerged from the original Data Solutions Library prototype, a collaborative effort with the purpose of increasing the quality and depth of the data conversation to develop community specific metadata, include context and culturally relevant descriptions for use with data, and identify and remedy pain points in the process of community and government data interactions. The original Data Solutions Library, in part, came out of the Civic Voice Archives project development.