Episodes 7-9 with Gwen Smith & Michael Ogletree
Gwen Smith & Michael Ogletree talk through the personalization of data to build trust and community.
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In this Data Dialogue, we speak with Gwen Smith and Michael Ogletree!

Episodes 7, 8, and 9 released February 22, 2022

7. sidestepping the information extraction trap

Who is a leader and who can be a spokesperson for a community? Gwen Smith, founder of Atlanta's CHARRS, and Angela discuss ways to increase community participation and share the load with government in environmental justice work.

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8. data --> trust and alignment (that's the goal anyway)

In his role as public servant, Michael Ogletree thinks a lot about ways that people use data, both personally and collectively, and talks with Angela about his efforts to increase trust between local air quality agencies and communities in Colorado through the Love My Air Denver program.

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9. data is personal

Gwen Smith and Michael Ogletree get right into the thorny parts of how government and local communities work and don't work with environmental data, in their full conversation with Angela.

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Gwen Smith (she/her) is a community leader in the historically Black community of Collier Heights, Atlanta and the founder of Community Health Aligning Revitalization Resilience & Sustainability (CHARRS). Gwen uses community-driven water quality and radon science, monitoring, and awareness to connect people to their environment and works with local and federal governments in their efforts to put communities first.

Michael Ogletree (he/him) was the Air Quality Program Manager in the City & County of Denver’s Department of Public Health & Environment and city lead on Love My Air Denver. Michael recently became the Director of the Air Pollution Control Division at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.
Angela Eaton (she/her) is the Director of Data Inclusion at Open Environmental Data Project and host of Data Dialogues.