Episodes 16-18 with Natasha Udu-gama & Jill Habig
Natasha Udu-gama & Jill Habig talk through the relationship between communities and experts.
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In this Data Dialogue, we speak with Natasha Udu-gama and Jill Habig!

Episodes 16, 17, and 18 released March 15, 2022

16. Is "more data" the relevant question?

Natasha Udu-gama, of AGU's Thriving Earth Exchange, connects residents to professional scientists to answer local environmental questions. Surprise (for anyone working with Western science)! Natasha challenges us to look “further than data” to find the best information and considers how we can repurpose the knowledge we already have.

17. Listening differently: alternatives to complaint-based systems

Community members should not have to be "extraordinary" to access their rights. Jill Habig, founder of Public Rights Project, uses the law to change economic and environmental systems that allow only extraordinary individuals to defy them. In this episode, she shares ways that she's found local governments, by listening just a little differently, have strengthened their bonds with communities and protected the environment.

18. Building the two-way street between "experts" and "community"

What does it take for scientists and lawyers to really work with communities - and how does it change them? In the final episode of Season 1, Angela talks with Natasha Udu-gama and Jill Habig about how they set up the conditions for community relationships, making the case for personal transformation and culture change in government, academia, and the law.

Natasha Udu-gama (she/her) is the Community and International Relations Manager at Thriving Earth Exchange, an organization that brings together local leaders and scientists to create community based environmental solutions.
Jill Habig (she/her) founded Public Rights Project, a non-profit working with communities and all levels of government to proactively support civil rights.
Angela Eaton (she/her) is the Director of Data Inclusion at Open Environmental Data  and host of Data Dialogues.