Episodes 13-15 with Sof Petros & Muki Haklay
Sof Petros & Muki Haklay talk through community data collection as a means to demystify environmental data.
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In this Data Dialogue, we speak with Sof Petros and Muki Haklay!

Episodes 13, 14, and 15 released March 8, 2022

13. Time as an organizing resource - especially for youth activists

Sof Petros, an organizer with Future Coalition, teaches youth climate activists how to source and use quality data that will help them be more effective in their work. Sof and Angela Eaton think on different ways people can participate in climate justice - especially by asking: we pay scientists for their work so why wouldn't we pay organizers?

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14. Data co-optation, data cooperation

Muki Haklay, a geography professor at University College of London (UCL), thinks of environmental information as "an object of wonder" and speaks with Angela about healthy knowledge exchange at the Extreme Citizen Science Lab between local environmental monitors and UCL researchers.

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15. Demystifying data through community data collection

What’s the best time to make change in your environment? Sof Petros and Muki Haklay come together with Angela Eaton to talk about conflicting climate choices, investing in youth activists, and supporting environmental work in every stage of life.

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Sof Petros (she/her) is an environmental educator and organizer at Future Coalition. Sof has worked on fossil fuel divestment campaigns and helps youth organizers build community and gain skills in the environmental movement.

Muki Haklay (he/him) is in the Department of Geography at UCL, University College London. He’s interested in issues of environmental information and public access use and creation and co-founded Mapping for Change and the Extreme Citizen Science Research group, or ExCiteS.

Angela Eaton (she/her) is the Director of Data Inclusion at Open Environmental Data  and host of Data Dialogues.