Episodes 10-12 with Tico Aran & Darrah Blackwater
Tico Aran & Darrah Blackwater talk about community wealth generation in their respective work.
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In this Data Dialogue, we speak with Tico Aran and Darrah Blackwater!

Episodes 10, 11, and 12 released March 1, 2022

10. Oyster parties for community health

Tico Aran, founder of Watershed Action Lab in Miami, talks with Angela about the communal efforts in Biscayne Bay to create habitats for the Eastern Oyster, a keystone species once prevalent up and down the coasts of North and South America. The result: improved water quality, more biodiversity, and a return to play for the next generation of local kids.

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11. Native spectrum sovereignty: the airwaves as environmental assets

Darrah Blackwater breaks down how she connects Native people to their sovereign rights by advocating for broadband, radio waves, and other airwaves to be recognized as a natural resource.

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12. Environmental work creates wealth generation for communities

In their full dialogue with Angela, Tico Aran & Darrah Blackwater connect waterways with airwaves, talking through the importance of local knowledge and how to get people to care about the physicality of something that's hard to grasp: invertebrate oysters + invisible spectrum.

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