Episodes 1-3 with Shelby Green & Marccus Hendricks
Shelby Green & Marccus Hendricks talk about open data and invisible infrastructures.
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In this Data Dialogue, we speak with Shelby Green and Marccus Hendricks!

Episode 1, 2, and 3 released February 8, 2022

Episode 1. Public data, public grievances

Open Tallahassee founder Shelby Green joins host Angela Eaton on our first Data Dialogues to talk about her experiences sourcing inaccessible data (we're talking "Request a CD-ROM from your local government in 2021" inaccessible...) to map traffic accidents in her Tallahassee community.

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Episode 2. Datasets aren't everything

Professor Marccus Hendricks and Angela talk about what it means to be a scholar, public servant and city planner when you're working towards social equity and community partnership.

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Episode 3. Making invisible data and infrastructure visible

Who is responsible for brokering information? What does meaningful public dialogue look like? How does this affect and reflect Black and brown communities in the U.S.? Shelby Green & Marccus Hendricks talk through these questions and more in their full dialogue with Angela.

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Shelby Green (she/her) is the founder of Open Tallahassee, a community organization using local government data in combination with community submissions and traffic accidents, to heal, share information and, importantly, to create a Vision Zero future for her city through public participation and policy change.
Marccus Hendricks (he/him) is an Assistant Professor of Urban Planning and the Director of the Stormwater Infrastructure Resilience and Justice Lab (SIRJ)  at the University of Maryland.
Angela Eaton (she/her) is the Director of Data Inclusion at Open Environmental Data Project and host of Data Dialogues.